Human Milk for Human Babies- Facebook

As you’ve recently learned, last week on 10/10 I gave birth to our second daughter, Josephine. Since I’m a stay at home mom, I don’t need most of the milk I pump during the day. After a bit of research last week I came across a group on Facebook called, “Human Milk for Human Babies” ( This chapter is for Washington. Every state should have  It is a group of mothers or mothers to be  who exchange breast milk. A modern day group of wet nurses per say. Anyone who has extra milk, offers it up for someone in need.  Vice versa anyone in need asks. Unlike a milk bank, which takes donated milk and then charges $3 an ounce to those in need, Human Milk for Human Babies or HM4HB, has no cost. However in consideration to pumping mothers the receiver usually provides the bags for freezing the milk.

I will probably be posting my milk at the end of the month. Over the past week, I’ve been pumping about 15 ounces a day, so it should provide a considerable blessing to someone in need in the Washington area.


White Figs

In Florida I grew up with an entirely different type of fig than I have found here. The figs in Florida were ripe when they turned a deep purple on the outside and were so delicious. My grandmother used to make homemade fig bars that were to die for. Here in Washington I found a different type of fig. On one of my picking adventures I passed a house that had a fig tree, but the figs were still green on the outside.


Of course, I unbuckle both the kids from their seats, walk up their drive and knock on their door to ask about them. Strangely enough, the woman who answered told me they were called White Figs. This type of fig is ripe even when it’s green on the outside and the only way to tell if they are ripe enough to pick is if you squeeze them. If they are still hard, don’t pick. She said I could pick a few and while they taste sweet to me, the ones in Florida are still better.

When I returned home, I looked up different types of figs and was surprised to discover how many types there are around the world. See for yourself:

Nana Thai Restaurant

Tacoma, WA:

Recently my husband and I decided to go out to dinner to Olive Garden. They have a wonderful deal going on right now for an appetizer, salad and two entrees for $25, plus we had a $4 off two entrees coupon and a gift card. Seemed that we couldn’t loose on that deal. So off we went. Since it was a Friday night traffic was backed up on the highway, so we decided to take the back way to avoid it. About 10 minutes away from home we discovered that we had left the gift card at home. Yes, that wonderful decision…what were we going to do?

Since we didn’t have anything ready to cook at home and it was already nearing 7pm, I told my husband we would just go. Perhaps find a new place on the way that sounded better than Olive Garden. This is how we found Nana Thai.

The restaurant was plain on the outside other than a large sign above their door, but Thai food is something that we love, especially when cooked right. I was surprised when we walked in because only one table was taken. It was nice that they had tables and a few booths, so that we could make our choice. I was delighted to find that they provided a 1-5 level of spiciness. Wonderful for us because while my toddler will eat something with some spice, too much  and she won’t eat.

The waiter had to wait quite a few minutes for us to decide on our meal, but I chose Sweet and Sour Pork Stir Fry #3 heat and my husband chose the Chicken Vegetable Delight Stir fry #4 heat. Both meals came with Jasmine Rice. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. The food was amazing!! My two year old even loved the food! The food was fresh, spicy and plated in a large serving. We kept going back for more and even though at the end of the meal we were full, we still had 2 full servings leftover to take home.

This is a place that we will go to again and again. I recommend you to try it, if you have a craving for something new.

Look at their website here:

2015 US Open at Chambers Bay (University Place, WA)

Apparently the 2015 US Open Championship (Golf) is going to be held at Chambers Bay in University Place, Washington on June 15-21, 2015. Chambers Bay will be the  first golf course in the Pacific Northwest to host the U.S. Open Championship. This will be the 115th playing of the national championship!

Personally, I’m not a fan of golf, I can appreciate it but I can’t watch more than a half hour at a time. My husband however has always talked about attending the event, but because of distance, hotel costs and the ticket itself to get into the event, it wasn’t something we could do. Perhaps we can plan ahead and make plans for him to go. As long as we buy him a large umbrella, there shouldn’t be a problem. Washington in June. =)

The U.S Open is one of golf’s four major championships, along with the Masters (played in April), British Open (July) and the PGA Championship (August).

Volunteer recruitment will begin in the spring of 2014. Please visit




Tickets will be available for purchase at beginning on Monday, June 9, 2014. USGA Members will have the opportunity to buy tickets in the spring of 2014. For information about how to be a USGA Member, please go to


Charlotte’s Blueberry Park

blueberry charlotte


Out on one of our many adventures, we went to Charlotte’s Blueberry Park in South Tacoma today in hope that some would be ripe. I discovered this place a week or so after moving to Tacoma. The more I tell people about it, the more I’m surprised that they didn’t even know it was there. Even people that have been residents of Tacoma for 5+ years! So, here I am, the barer of good news…the park is free to whomever wishes to take the time to pick. The blueberries are ripe now and there is 20 acres for the public to share in the joy of picking.

On a side note of our adventure, it was quite hilarious to me, that through the mass of blueberry bushes, I could hear the echo of parenting counting up and down to the count of 3 to get their children to behave. I however only go to one. Another ironic thing was that while my two year old wanted to stay and pick. We were one of the few parent/child groups that when my child misbehaved, instead of threats on the home front, mine was that she would have to stop picking and go home. Worked quite well for us too.

We only picked for about an hour, and my Caleigh probably ate more than what she put in the bucket, but still when we went home we had more than 3 cups! Such is the joy of adventure and wild picking.

Picking Season is end of July- September.

7402 E. D St.
Tacoma, WA 98404

Fruit in the Mail



Yesterday I was talking to my mom on facebook and she mentioned that two of my sisters were picking figs at my aunts’ house. My Aunt Zoe has three beautiful fig trees in her yard. Not to mention she also has peaches, plums, pineapple and blueberry plants in her yard. Sad thing though is that most of my family, like my aunt, are in florida and I am across the country in Washington.

I told my mom that I was a little jealous that they could pick figs right now. I love figs! In reply she said she would mail me some!

I’m in shock that people can actually mail fruit. I did look it up just to make sure it was correct and sure enough USPS document C022 states:  “Mailable perishable foods that do not rapidly decay or generate obnoxious odors in the mail may be sent at the mailer’s risk.” That made me laugh. Someone on yahoo answers wanted to know if he could random fruit, like a banana through the mail without a return address so that he could confuse one of his friends.

For you, me and everyone else out there, yes you can mail fruit. Just make sure it’s packaged well, won’t spoil quickly and marked as fragile.

A Rainforest in Washington State

I don’t know about you, but when someone mentions a rainforest, I think of the Amazon. I don’t think if Washington State.

We went for a one day trip up to Ocean Shores and realized there wasn’t much to do there other than the beach. I know, what do I expect with the name? We wanted to go to the beach, and we did for about an hour, but it was cloudy and the water is freezing. Not something any of us really want to swim in without a wet suit. Kudos to anyone who can. However our little one loved picking up sea shells. Not all was lost for that part of the trip.

Next we decided to travel up to the lake, which is another hour drive, but Caleigh fell asleep and it was the perfect opportunity. If you are looking for a nice area for a longer vacation, Quinault is perfect. Quinault lake, which the town is centered around is breath-taking! If I knew where my husband’s phone was, I would post the panoramic picture he took of the lake. Absolutely perfect. Beyond the lake, surrounding the town is the rainforest. This is something we’ll explore when I’m not pregnant because I’m not sure how long the hike would be or how difficult. Nevertheless it is now on my list of to-dos.

thCAEOBK5NQuinault lake

Just to let you know, a temperature rainforest (like Olympic national rainforest) is defined as a rainforest because it has  over 55 inches of rain a year and a medium annual temperature between 39 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes it is also that the closed canopy of trees excludes at least 70% of the sky.

quinault rainforest


One thing we did do was see the world’s tallest spruce tree.


I promise I’ll post this picture later today.  It’s better to see the tree with people in front of it, so that you can see how big it actually is.

I wish we had more time to spend there, but 4th of July weekend is not the time to try to find somewhere to stay. Everywhere close was booked, but to tell you the truth, we didn’t really want to spend $150+ on a room.


*note: these pictures were pulled from the internet.