A Shove Would be Nice…

Anyone who follows this blog gets as much as a turn around tonight as I did today after posting “Things to do in Pueblo Colorado“. Turns out that the man who asked my husband if we might be willing to move to Colorado was speaking out of turn, before anything had been decided on. There is a chance that we’ll be moving to Champagne Illinois instead. I don’t think any of you have to guess what the next post would be…perhaps things to do in Illinois? Boy oh boy, I did not expect that in the least, but we have been praying for direction and God has just given us many. Wait and see I suppose, but I wish it were a shove instead. I told my husband today that some times I wish we were in the army, and were given orders instead to the location we were moving. At least then we would have a game plan. I dislike having everything up in the air. Even if we were given a written contract for a certain number of years to move outside the USA, I would do it in a heart beat if for the right salary as long as it was a suitable place to raise a family. Do any of you ever feel the same way? That if having the certainty that all necessities were paid for and you/your family was safe, you would be willing to do what was needed?

There is a prayer that my brother in law says, that I think of quite often it times like these, he asks God, “Make my path so clear a blind man could follow it.”



Things to do in Pueblo Colorado

In the midst of returning from a business trip in Illinois, my husband was asked if we might be willing to move from Washington State to Colorado to become the Project Manager for that site.Can’t say that I’m head over heels excited about the possible move, but as I told my husband, I’m willing to do what is needed and I’m always up for an adventure. I took sometime last night and looked up Pueblo, Colorado since that is the closest city to the project and I couldn’t believe how many different things there is. Not too shabby for desert country.

Some of my favorite findings were:

1. Buell Children’s Museum (http://www.sdc-arts.org/buellchildrensmuseum.html)


On their website, I like that it says for children ages 1-101. It’s a 12,000 square-foot, two-level facility.  The regular entry fee is $3 for children/military and $4 adults. The coupon above is available on their website. A family membership is $45, but if you’d like to see all their membership options visit www.sdc-arts.org/membership.html

2. Pueblo Zoo (www.pueblozoo.org)


This zoo covers twenty-five acres of the southwest part of Pueblo City Park. It is home to more than 420 animals. It’s open year around and does have entry fee, although kids two and below are free. Ages 3-12 $6, Ages 13-17/military/seniors $7, Ages 18+ $8. Family membership is $60, but here is the link for all membership options: http://www.pueblozoo.org/#!membership/c21kz

3. Kiddy Rides at City Park (http://www.pueblo.us/index.aspx?NID=337)


How wonderful would it be to have your own mini childrens amusement park just a few blocks from your house? Ride tickets are .25 each! The train, carousel, bounce houses and adults require two tickets, but all other rides are only one ticket. A neat fact is that the carousel is antique, built in 1911 (http://www.pueblo.us/DocumentCenter/Home/View/673). National Carousel Day, July 23 has FREE carousel rides and National Roller Coaster Day, August 16, FREE coaster rides. In my opinion, getting something for free is always a nice treat.


If you want to look for other things to do in pueblo colorado, try these sites:




Charlotte’s Blueberry Park

blueberry charlotte


Out on one of our many adventures, we went to Charlotte’s Blueberry Park in South Tacoma today in hope that some would be ripe. I discovered this place a week or so after moving to Tacoma. The more I tell people about it, the more I’m surprised that they didn’t even know it was there. Even people that have been residents of Tacoma for 5+ years! So, here I am, the barer of good news…the park is free to whomever wishes to take the time to pick. The blueberries are ripe now and there is 20 acres for the public to share in the joy of picking.

On a side note of our adventure, it was quite hilarious to me, that through the mass of blueberry bushes, I could hear the echo of parenting counting up and down to the count of 3 to get their children to behave. I however only go to one. Another ironic thing was that while my two year old wanted to stay and pick. We were one of the few parent/child groups that when my child misbehaved, instead of threats on the home front, mine was that she would have to stop picking and go home. Worked quite well for us too.

We only picked for about an hour, and my Caleigh probably ate more than what she put in the bucket, but still when we went home we had more than 3 cups! Such is the joy of adventure and wild picking.

Picking Season is end of July- September.

7402 E. D St.
Tacoma, WA 98404