Human Milk for Human Babies- Facebook

As you’ve recently learned, last week on 10/10 I gave birth to our second daughter, Josephine. Since I’m a stay at home mom, I don’t need most of the milk I pump during the day. After a bit of research last week I came across a group on Facebook called, “Human Milk for Human Babies” ( This chapter is for Washington. Every state should have  It is a group of mothers or mothers to be  who exchange breast milk. A modern day group of wet nurses per say. Anyone who has extra milk, offers it up for someone in need.  Vice versa anyone in need asks. Unlike a milk bank, which takes donated milk and then charges $3 an ounce to those in need, Human Milk for Human Babies or HM4HB, has no cost. However in consideration to pumping mothers the receiver usually provides the bags for freezing the milk.

I will probably be posting my milk at the end of the month. Over the past week, I’ve been pumping about 15 ounces a day, so it should provide a considerable blessing to someone in need in the Washington area.


New Parenting Rule: Misbehave, you’ll loose a book

I’ve found a new parenting rule that works and is pain free for me. With Caleigh, I’ve tried pretty much every rule or discipline that has been recommended by other parents.  Yes, I have tried time outs. I’ve tried spankings. Rewards. Threats. Etc. I’ve finally found something that works with her…at least for now. I might have to change the rules again in a few months, but we’ll wait and see.

One thing about Caleigh is that she loves books. She loves to be read to before naptime and bedtime. We started reading together before eat of them about a month ago and the habit stuck. She gets four books. Either one of us can pick them. After spankings and timeouts stopped working for her last week, I got a sudden idea and thought why not? I’ll give it a try.


Whenever she throws a tantrum, tells me no twice in a row, or does something I told her not to…she looses one book. Simple yes, but it works. For me tantrums are not acceptable at all. First time; one book is taken away. After she tells me no the first time, I ask her “Do you want to loose a book for (naptime or nighttime)? Usually she says that she wants her books and does what ever it was she was supposed to.

Note: Start the count over after naptime or bedtime, so that they have the chance to have something read to them or for them to read by themselves. Also, if by chance your child has lost all four books before their naptime or nighttime, explain again what they did wrong. Why they lost the books.

If you decide to give it a try, let me know how it works out for you!