The Fig Leaf. Edible and Insulin Lowering.

fig leaf

I received an interesting email from my dad, Russell, today regarding fig leaves and diabetes. This is what his said:

“An Insulin-Lowering Leaf in Diabetes: You probably do not think about the leaves of the fig tree as one of fig’s edible parts. But in some cultures, fig leaves are a common part of the menu, and for good reason. The leaves of the fig have repeatedly been shown to have antidiabetic properties and can actually reduce the amount of insulin needed by persons with diabetes who require insulin injections. In one study, a liquid extract made from fig leaves was simply added to the breakfast of insulin-dependent diabetic subjects in order to produce this insulin-lowering effect.”

Frankly, I didn’t even know you could eat a fig leaf. While I love the fruit of the fig tree, I find the leaf itself rather prickly.

In addition to these recipes:

You can also dry them to use as a tea. Apparently it’s delicious, but I haven’t tried it myself as of yet.

this is from yahoo: “Fig leaf tea helps support proper insulin response.  Researchers in Spain have shown that fig leaf tea can help maintain proper insulin levels.  It can easily be made using 2 teaspoons of dried cut leaves. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over the leaves, cover, and let the brew sit for 10 to 15 minutes before drinking. Drink 1 cup each morning at breakfast.”

Soon, I’ll have to try it. =D


Today is National Chocolate Chip Day

This is for my dad, George. A day for my chocoholic dad, who manages to eat chocolate in everything from cereal and shakes, to cookies and other desserts. That’s right August 4th is National Chocolate Chip day!


Every few weeks I get a post from friends and/or family saying that it’s national cheesecake day or ice cream or donuts. I found myself wondering what today’s national food day was, and my wonderings brought me to this website:

Now if you want to know all the American Holidays, plus all the national food days, there you are. I do wonder now though, who came up with them?

Fruit in the Mail



Yesterday I was talking to my mom on facebook and she mentioned that two of my sisters were picking figs at my aunts’ house. My Aunt Zoe has three beautiful fig trees in her yard. Not to mention she also has peaches, plums, pineapple and blueberry plants in her yard. Sad thing though is that most of my family, like my aunt, are in florida and I am across the country in Washington.

I told my mom that I was a little jealous that they could pick figs right now. I love figs! In reply she said she would mail me some!

I’m in shock that people can actually mail fruit. I did look it up just to make sure it was correct and sure enough USPS document C022 states:  “Mailable perishable foods that do not rapidly decay or generate obnoxious odors in the mail may be sent at the mailer’s risk.” That made me laugh. Someone on yahoo answers wanted to know if he could random fruit, like a banana through the mail without a return address so that he could confuse one of his friends.

For you, me and everyone else out there, yes you can mail fruit. Just make sure it’s packaged well, won’t spoil quickly and marked as fragile.

cell phone lot parking at the airport

my husband is coming back from a business trip today so my daughter and I are picking him up from the Seattle Tacoma Airport. I don’t know about you but airports makes me nervous. I use in yes departures and arrivals are hectic. not to mention that this time I didn’t know which airline he was flying with, so I couldn’t park at arrivals at a certain airline gate. thankfully I got has been on the phone and he told me that there’s something here called a cell phone parking lot. so here we are at the airport at the cell phone lot parking. there’s no fees there is no time limit. such a nice discovery for me. hopefully all airports have this. hopefully yours is as well. good luck on the next trip.