A Shove Would be Nice…

Anyone who follows this blog gets as much as a turn around tonight as I did today after posting “Things to do in Pueblo Colorado“. Turns out that the man who asked my husband if we might be willing to move to Colorado was speaking out of turn, before anything had been decided on. There is a chance that we’ll be moving to Champagne Illinois instead. I don’t think any of you have to guess what the next post would be…perhaps things to do in Illinois? Boy oh boy, I did not expect that in the least, but we have been praying for direction and God has just given us many. Wait and see I suppose, but I wish it were a shove instead. I told my husband today that some times I wish we were in the army, and were given orders instead to the location we were moving. At least then we would have a game plan. I dislike having everything up in the air. Even if we were given a written contract for a certain number of years to move outside the USA, I would do it in a heart beat if for the right salary as long as it was a suitable place to raise a family. Do any of you ever feel the same way? That if having the certainty that all necessities were paid for and you/your family was safe, you would be willing to do what was needed?

There is a prayer that my brother in law says, that I think of quite often it times like these, he asks God, “Make my path so clear a blind man could follow it.”



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