Nana Thai Restaurant

Tacoma, WA:

Recently my husband and I decided to go out to dinner to Olive Garden. They have a wonderful deal going on right now for an appetizer, salad and two entrees for $25, plus we had a $4 off two entrees coupon and a gift card. Seemed that we couldn’t loose on that deal. So off we went. Since it was a Friday night traffic was backed up on the highway, so we decided to take the back way to avoid it. About 10 minutes away from home we discovered that we had left the gift card at home. Yes, that wonderful decision…what were we going to do?

Since we didn’t have anything ready to cook at home and it was already nearing 7pm, I told my husband we would just go. Perhaps find a new place on the way that sounded better than Olive Garden. This is how we found Nana Thai.

The restaurant was plain on the outside other than a large sign above their door, but Thai food is something that we love, especially when cooked right. I was surprised when we walked in because only one table was taken. It was nice that they had tables and a few booths, so that we could make our choice. I was delighted to find that they provided a 1-5 level of spiciness. Wonderful for us because while my toddler will eat something with some spice, too much  and she won’t eat.

The waiter had to wait quite a few minutes for us to decide on our meal, but I chose Sweet and Sour Pork Stir Fry #3 heat and my husband chose the Chicken Vegetable Delight Stir fry #4 heat. Both meals came with Jasmine Rice. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. The food was amazing!! My two year old even loved the food! The food was fresh, spicy and plated in a large serving. We kept going back for more and even though at the end of the meal we were full, we still had 2 full servings leftover to take home.

This is a place that we will go to again and again. I recommend you to try it, if you have a craving for something new.

Look at their website here:


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