Charlotte’s Blueberry Park

blueberry charlotte


Out on one of our many adventures, we went to Charlotte’s Blueberry Park in South Tacoma today in hope that some would be ripe. I discovered this place a week or so after moving to Tacoma. The more I tell people about it, the more I’m surprised that they didn’t even know it was there. Even people that have been residents of Tacoma for 5+ years! So, here I am, the barer of good news…the park is free to whomever wishes to take the time to pick. The blueberries are ripe now and there is 20 acres for the public to share in the joy of picking.

On a side note of our adventure, it was quite hilarious to me, that through the mass of blueberry bushes, I could hear the echo of parenting counting up and down to the count of 3 to get their children to behave. I however only go to one. Another ironic thing was that while my two year old wanted to stay and pick. We were one of the few parent/child groups that when my child misbehaved, instead of threats on the home front, mine was that she would have to stop picking and go home. Worked quite well for us too.

We only picked for about an hour, and my Caleigh probably ate more than what she put in the bucket, but still when we went home we had more than 3 cups! Such is the joy of adventure and wild picking.

Picking Season is end of July- September.

7402 E. D St.
Tacoma, WA 98404


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