All Things Are Possible

This is something I’ve been told again and again. “All things are possible through HIM.” I’ll admit that sometimes I’ve rolled my eyes at this or shaken it off, because there are so many possibilities and chances through life and you don’t always pass with flying colors. At least I don’t. Or I don’t think I do. Today I will admit that all things are possible.

Yesterday I started watching another child. I already know I was crazy for even thinking about it, when the question was asked by a co-worker of my husbands’. She was almost at her due date and didn’t want to use a daycare, much less that anyone can afford it nowadays. She was looking around for someone to take care of her baby after she was off maternity leave…and that person ended up being me.

Other than my little girl, who will be 3 in December, I am also 24 weeks pregnant. So now I’m taking care of a 2 year old, a 2 month old and I’m 24 weeks. Ah, such is life. But, why do I say, “All things are possible?” Shh… Right now? All of the children are sleeping. Yes, even the one inside of me. Now, I’m going to get off the computer, fold a load of laundry, put one in and finish the dishes. When the kids wake up, there will be a clean house again. Alas, all things are possible. =)


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