Fireworks are Better with Children


I realize that I didn’t post yesterday, but with the 4th of July going on I didn’t have anytime to sit at the computer and write. Plus we got home very late or very early depending on your way of thinking because we stayed at our friends house in Steilacoom for the fireworks which started at 10:30pm. It’s a bit late in my opinion, but I am thankful that my husband was able to put our little girl down for a 2 hours nap amidst all the excitement before fireworks started. What did I learn yesterday? Fireworks are much better with children. She thought they were noisy, beautiful and huge. Here are some of her comments: “Mommy, do you see the Boom, Boom?”, “Daddy! That one was green”, “I told you that one was green Mommy”, “Too noisy”, “The one’s my favorite”, “Beautiful”, “Look at that one”. I’m looking forward to next 4th of July with her and our new little one that will be here in November.


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